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       "You need more technology and services than products"

        Juhua Cheng company specializes in the production and development of flame-retardant nylon (PA6 / PA66) modified products, and has long been focusing on the flame-retardant fields such as electronic and electrical, high-speed rail, automobile, etc. The company is located in Ningbo, the largest plastic industry group in China and a 100 billion level chemical new material industry base in Zhejiang Province. Ningbo's convenient and complete modified plastic industry chain, Ningbo Institute of materials, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Yuyao Plastic Research Institute, promotes the perfect docking of scientific and technological innovation and industry, and also promotes the rapid and steady development of juhuacheng company.

       The company has successfully developed several flame-retardant nylon materials that can be close to the same type of foreign materials, achieving a perfect balance between price and performance. In the field of nylon flame retardant, the mass production has been successfully realized in the following aspects: red phosphorus is higher than V0 grade flame retardant, red phosphorus high burning wire can not ignite, bromine high CTI value, 5VA grade high iron flame retardant has no smell, red phosphorus flame retardant has high conductivity, etc. After years of hard work, there are hundreds of domestic customers, many of which have successfully entered the supply chain of a large number of well-known domestic enterprises, such as Haier, Midea, Gree, Yadi, Lvyuan, Huawei, CRRC, etc.

       Juhuacheng company guarantees quality with attitude, attracts customers with sincerity, guarantees the quality of raw materials for customers and reduces production cost. We believe that as long as we work hard, customers will be assured!

       "Gather the power of all things to make them become the best in the world". Gather water to become a trickle, drink water to think of the source! Juhuacheng takes "everything comes from customers" as the starting point of all work, returns customers with high-quality service and products, optimizes products practically, creates value for customers, grows together with customers, and wins together!