1. Main production pipe of modified nylon

Job title: Production Supervisor of modified plastics (1 person)

Contact: Miss Lu

Tel: 0574-88133178 / 13656885718


Comprehensively manage the production and operation of the company, and make decisions on major problems encountered in the production and operation of the company's modified plastics.

      (1) Take charge of the overall work of the production department, organize and supervise the completion of all tasks of the production department.

       (2) Responsible for organizing the formulation, implementation, inspection, supervision and control of various management systems of the production department.

         (3) Responsible for organizing the preparation of annual, quarterly and monthly production operation plans, and holding the monthly production process work meeting of the company on a regular basis.

       (4) Be responsible for organizing and holding the production scheduling meeting of the company.

      (5) Responsible for technical management standard, technological process, new product development plan approval, timely arrange and organize trial production.

      (6) To be responsible for overall planning of work safety, site management, labor protection and environmental protection.

       (7) Be responsible for organizing production statistics and accounting.


       1. Education requirements: college degree or above, mainly in business management.

      2. Professional knowledge: trained in management, material management, production management, enterprise management, etc.

       3. Working experience: more than 5 years of production management experience,

      4. Age requirement: 30-40 years old.

      5. Location: Ningbo, Zhejiang Province

2. Account manager of Sales Department

Recruitment position: Account Manager of sales department (2 persons)

Contact: Miss Lu

Tel: 0574-88133178 / 13656885718

The company's products are mainly flame-retardant nylon industrial raw materials, customers for cars, high-speed rail, electronic appliances and so on.

The main customers are injection molding manufacturers that produce various high and low voltage electronic and electrical products, household appliances, automobile light rail and other flame-retardant nylon products.

Job responsibilities

      1. Responsible for the sales of products in the area under its jurisdiction

      2. Be responsible for the planning and implementation of sales activities in the sales area, and achieve sales targets

      3. Open up new markets, develop new customers, increase the scope of product sales

      4. Maintain and enhance existing customer relationship

      5. Complete part of technical support work, and carry out technical communication with customers

      6. Responsible for collecting market and industry information and deepening understanding.  


      1. Education requirements: college degree or above, major unlimited, organic polymer major preferred

      2. Professional knowledge: familiar with injection molding machine adjustment process, with relevant professional knowledge of modified engineering plastics.

      2. Working experience: more than 1 year sales experience, plastic material sales experience is preferred

      3. Strong ability of customer communication and business processing, good team spirit

      4. Strong learning ability and challenging spirit;

      5. Good psychological quality, strong pressure resistance, and strong belief that high pay can bring high return.

      6. The conditions for the excellent fresh students who can bear hardships and stand hard work are appropriately relaxed.